Thank you for your interest in the Unfiltered-Truth program. We adhere to the principle of sexual risk avoidance (SRA). SRA is a research-based approach that lays the foundation for healthy and rewarding relationships. Students learn wise decision-making skills, effective communication tools and real-life relationship strategies.

Unfiltered-Truth uses a peer-reviewed, interactive curriculum called REAL Essentials Advance. Our instructors are current in their clearances and have been certified in this program through The Center for Relationship Education in Denver, CO. Please review their website for more information about the lessons (

REAL Essentials observes the tenets of the Optimal Health Model developed by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services: to promote the best outcomes, “sexual health should be a risk avoidance message”. To learn more, go to Introducing the Optimal Health Model.

REAL Essentials aligns with the PA Standards of Health Education as well as the National Health Education Standards National Health Education Standards – SHER | Healthy Schools. It is used in 44 states (including throughout PA) and in seven countries.

We offer the program at no cost to your school district or organization.