Parents make a difference!

If you think it’s a waste of time to discuss your views on sex with your teenager, think again! Years of research have proven that teens take their parents’ values to heart. In their research on the contributing influences that lead to positive behavior in adolescents, Child Trends, a well-respected, independent research center states, “Parent-child interactions and bonding greatly influence adolescents’ choices and attitudes”. Further, fostering a close relationship with your child can have a positive effect on a variety of social and emotional elements including better exercise, nutritional habits, social competency, citizenship and teenage pregnancy.1

Over 9 million teens contract an STI every year; yet more than 60% of high school students anonymously report they are not having sex. In a 2016 national survey called, Teens Speak Out, young people report that what they want from their Health classes is authentic information about healthy relationships2. 85% of American adults surveyed also say that it is important for teens to be encouraged to avoid sex because of the serious health risks3. Unfiltered-Truth addresses these topics.

The primary emphasis of the REAL Essentials curriculum is to help teens navigate relationships, educate them on sexual risk and give them practical skills for life. If your teen has been in one of our classes,  you are encouraged to talk with them about what they heard.  Students will receive handouts and Parent Connect work sheets every day in class. Use these as conversation starters. To learn more about our curriculum, visit the Teacher Page and click here.

Actions parents can take to improve communication with their teens4

FAMILIES TALKING TOGETHER – a second support service

Families Talking Together (FTT) is a family-based program where a professional meets one on one with a parent(s) of young teens between the ages of 11 and 14. FTT is designed to support effective parent-adolescent communication to delay teens from having sex too early. Offered in one or two 40 minute sessions, parents will receive evidence-based strategies and tips on how to talk to your teens with confidence. Use the contact button above to request more information about this free resource.

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