We know that one of the most important goals in your life is to discover relationships that work!

The REAL Essentials curriculum was developed with teens in mind. REAL, Relationship Education And Leadership, means that we empower you with life skills for the best future possible.

Relationship Communication

Good communication is key to a successful relationship. However, simply talking is not enough. Learning how to discuss boundaries and respecting each other’s opinions are just a few areas of effective communication.

How Do You Feel Loved?

There are many ways to feel and express love. Knowing the specific ways your partner feels loved can help deepen your connection and strengthen your relationship.

Love vs Infatuation

It’s no secret that Hollywood distorts the idea of what love should be. Many times in society and in media we see examples of infatuation or a “crush” like romance that is solely based on physical attraction or popularity. Authentic love is thinking of the good of the other person and taking time to create a trusting relationship based on shared values and opinions.


Pornography is something that has become normalized in our society and is now more accessible than ever. Scientific research shows that pornography has negative effects on the brain, proving to have many relationship and health consequences.

Relationship Red Flags

Have you ever been in a relationship that just did not feel right? There are many red flags or areas of concern that can be present in a relationship. If you can relate to any of these flags, it may be the sign of an unhealthy relationship. Getting help to deal with or even end the relationship is important.

Refusal Skills

It can be so easy to get caught in the cycle of peer pressure whether it involves partying, gossiping, sex or drugs. Having specific ways to communicate “NO” can help you avoid or remove yourself from unwanted situations and their consequences.

Sexual Risk

It is important to know the facts about STI’s and STD’s so you can learn how to lower your risk and ensure successful relationships.

Assessing Sexual Assault

Sexual assault is when a person is pressured to engage in sexual activity without consent or he/she is underage. Understanding what assault means and creating a safety plan with a network of trustworthy people can help teens prevent assault and/or get help and support if it has occurred.

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